PhD Programm

The departmen of Economics offers the ability for studies in a PhD level in the scientific fields of

  • International and European Economics
  • Economic and Regional Development
  • Applied Economics and Econometrics
  • Micro- and Macro-Economics and Growth
  • Political Economy
  • Quantitative Methods in Economics and Management
  • Strategy, Policy, Planning and Operation and  Information Technology Management
  • Production/Operations Management and  Operations Research
  • Information Systems and Information Technology applied to Economics and Management
  • Logistics, Value Chain and Supply Chain Management
  • Service Management and Customer Service
  • Project Management, Quality Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Management of Educational Units
  • Health care Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Finance and Banking
  • Accounting, Auditing of Firms and Organizations
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The departmen every academic  year announces in the Press posistions for PhD canditates in the fields which the members academicaly research.


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