Complex Systems and Networks

The Economic Department in colaboration with the Mathematic Department of A.U.Th offer the Inter-Faculty Master Program on Complex Systems and Networks.

During the Winter Semester the students acquire the basic mathematical and technical background, which is applied to 3 classes of Networks, namely: Knowledge Nets, Bio-medical Nets and Socio-economic Nets during the Spring Semester. The original Thesis is the integration of the previous studies. During their work, the students have the opportunity to shape their scientific-professional profile and plan their carrier. The students receive several inputs and ideas with balance between theory and reality.

The design philosophy and the necessary information are available following the menu entries.

The Instructors are qualified scientists from the Faculties of the Aristotle University (Science, Polytechnic, Economics and Political Science, Health, Philosophy, Law) and other Institutions.

More information about the Inter-Faculty Master Program:

Complex Systems and Networks