Business Lab

The Business Lab of Department of Economics, Aristotle's University of Thessaloniki, was founded in 2001 as one of the statutory University Laboratories (Government Gazette 245/22-10-2001, Issue Α’).
The lab’s main missions:

  1. Covering all the research and teaching needs on both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels of Department of Economics, as well as of other Institute departments, in the fields of Management, Marketing, Accounting and Finance in theoretical and applied level.
  2. Developing curricula and conducting basic and applied research.
  3. Cooperation and scientific knowledge exchange between other academic or research Institutions in Greece or abroad.
  4. Organizing seminars, symposia, conferences, lectures, as well as producing publications and presentations.
  5. Providing relevant-to-the-above-fields services to interested, through studies, research and programs.

Through the website it is possible to update the academic and business community about the multifaceted research and teaching laboratory work carried out by our members.

For more informations please visit: Business Lab